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Principal's Message

Dear Sallas Mahone Parents,


Welcome to Sallas Mahone! I hope that our communication book will serve as a very helpful resource for you this year. All of the important dates for the entire school year have been indicated on the calendars located throughout the book. Mark your personal calendars and try to attend as many of these scheduled events as possible. Goal setting is important to me so you will find individual data sheets located in this communication book.  This information will be regularly updated by your child’s teacher and will help you monitor your child’s progress.   


As an educator and a parent, I have always lived by the philosophy that family time is much more important than homework time. I convey the message to my staff that we must be smart when assigning homework.  We must differentiate our homework.  It makes no sense to assign the same homework to all of our students.  There is too much diversity among our learners.  Homework can be effective and can enhance what is taught at school when it is well thought out and planned.  I believe that hours and hours of homework just as busy work is detrimental to the social and academic development of a child.  Effective and useful homework will prevent students and parents from feeling overwhelmed and allow students to enjoy their family, participate in outdoor recreation, and participate in creative activities. 


However, if you feel that your child wants and needs more homework, please use the chart on the following page for some ideas.  We have excellent electronic resources that we strongly encourage you to utilize at home when you have time or on the weekends. More information for how to access these resources are located throughout this communication book or you may contact your child’s teacher.


Teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling.  I sincerely believe that teachers possess the power to influence and shape the future of our great nation.  Our teachers are the best at Sallas Mahone.  Their goal is to shape the course of a young person’s future for the better.  They are a team and are led by academic coaches who provide superior professional learning in an effort to meet teacher and student needs.  We are here for you.  We will work hard to provide parents with any additional resources needed to support their learning. Please let your grade level administrator or me know if we can be of assistance to you and your child. 


I love Sallas Mahone because of the wonderful staff, children, and parents that I work with on a daily basis.  I look forward to this school year and know that working together we can provide your child with a high quality education. 





       C. Gary Glover