Sallas Mahone Elementary

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Winter Wonder Readers

Please click here to sign in and click here to participate in our Winter Wonder Readers event!
  • Click this link to go to the board game!
  • Begin by clicking on the die to roll a number. 
  • Move the character of your choice, the number of spaces you rolled.
  • In each space you land on, you will click on the i in the bubble to reveal a task to complete. The cards reveal a riddle, joke, or another video. We have incorporated our amazing students, along with other exciting videos, sing-a-longs, and multicultural experiences. 
  • Each participant in the family may take a turn.
  • Enjoy our amazing students' successes in their reading all while have some fun, family time!
  • Or if you are in a pinch, you may click on this link to view our students here at Sallas Mahone Elementary reading stories, poems, or even some funny jokes!