Sallas Mahone Elementary

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SME's Reading Fair


Sallas Mahone Reading Fair

School Wide Literacy Project (Grades K-5)

Optional Activity

Purpose: To promote intrinsic motivation for reading in students and to develop a love of reading

Description: Students will choose a book to read or a favorite book they have read. They will create a visual presentation using a tri-fold display board/shoe box/poster, etc. The display will include literary elements for the book you choose. Your completed project will be collected by students on the morning of February 16th. The displays will be located throughout the school to promote literacy for Read-Across America Week. This project may be individual or compiled with a partner. This project may be completed at  school if teacher allows class time or as a home project.

Step 1: Choose a grade level appropriate fiction or non-fiction book to read for your project.

Step 2: Identify the following Literary Elements for the type of book that you will have chosen.




_______Publisher and publication date

_______ Brief summary about the book

_______ Interesting facts and visuals learned from the book

_______ Author’s purpose-why the author wrote the story (to entertain, inform,                     persuade, etc.)

_______Recommendations for the book (Why would you recommend this book to                        someone?)




_______Publisher and publication date

_______ Main characters-only those important to the storyline

_______ Setting

_______ Plot summary/brief insight into the book (not a retelling of what the story is about, but concise statements about the events in the story, problem, and characters in a way to hook others to want this book)

_______ Recommendations for the book (Why would you recommend this book to                      someone?)


Step 3: Complete your creative visual display using the media of your choice. You should include illustrations and decorations and the literary elements making your display as attention grabbing as possible. Google search “reading fair boards” and you will find many great examples to jump start your thinking.  A few examples of boards are on the back.