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Code of Student Conduct

Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct, officially approved by the Valdosta Board of Education on June 28, 2016, contains important information about policies, procedures and programs of Valdosta City Schools. Students and parents should read this Code of Student Conduct at the start of the school year, pay special attention to the perforated Parental Acknowledgement on page 65. 

The policies of the Board of Education and the services of the school system are designed to protect the well-being of students and the rights of students to a quality education in Valdosta City Schools. To view a complete listing of all Board of Education policies, please visit the Valdosta City Schools website (click – Board of Education/Policies). 

The Valdosta City School System will abide by any policy, regulation, or legislative requirements that might arise during the school year. Please check the school system website for any updates to this Code of Student Conduct or other policies. 

The Code of Student Conduct is reviewed annually between February and May for the purpose of adding, deleting and revising content. Parents, students and employees are encouraged to submit comments and suggestions regarding the Code of Student Conduct to Dr. Alvin Hudson.


Valdosta Board of Education

Debra Bell, Chair     Kelly Wilson, Vice Chair

 Stacy Bush * Warren Lee *  Vanassa Flucas * Dr. Tad Moseley

Dean Rexroth * Trey Sherwood * Liz Shumphard

Dr. Todd Cason, Superintendent of Schools